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Herriott first three basketball tournament

Published:2015-02-02        Views:1269次

On December 12, 2014 in the afternoon, the game basketball court passion play in the company. Is bitterly cold, but do not affect the players play, the game played wonderful. Competition, the teams are not to be outdone, you to come and I went to the battle, the strength, is comparable to competence out. Off the court, leadership and his colleagues are also active, see the players after breakthrough, layup, wonderful goal, there was a big round of applause and cheers. 9 team after a fierce rivalry, eventually strong-arm reaction of marketing center team with excellent play won the final victory of the game.

Good results have been achieved this match, the players have said after the game like basketball activities not only enrich the spare life of employees, strengthened our collective sense of honor, and vigorously promote the communication between the project department, further enhance the friendship between each other, the company should organize such activities. So as to more effectively promote the communication between each department colleagues.

Through the game, we saw the workers in high spirit and passion on the basketball court. Lets put this spirit and style to work in the future, make work passion float in the sky.

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