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A brief introduction of suzhou Hector estate business center

Suzhou of Hector estate business center in May 2013 formally put into use, divided into the staff restaurant, business club, the housekeeping department;

One: for the worker on the ground floor restaurant, usable floor area 1000 plane, can accommodate 500 people dining at the same time, the staff of the group provides a warm and comfortable dining environment.

2: the second name of Hector estate business club, usable floor area of 1800 square meters, equipped with business communication area, red wine exchange area and luxury Chinese food including 3 compartments, can accommodate 70 people dining at the same time, the other 15 luxury standard rooms, for the majority of business elites to provide a business information exchange, technical seminars and leisure interactive platform, make a long-term cooperation between business strategic partnership.

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