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History building blocks enterprise development

In 1961, premier zhou enlai personally approved "top secret level 3" military industrial enterprises an wireless power plant,

The number "914" factory, military communication products.

In 1980, the national "conversion" policy, enterprise management has fallen sharply.

In 1997, the merger of state-run fenglei machinery factory (4502 factory, abrasive products), to form an communication equipment group co., LTD., the factory from the site moved to lanzhou jiuzhou development zone (lanzhou kyushu rhett manufacturing).

Founded in 2004, the enterprise restructuring, lanzhou rhett industrial group co., LTD. (formerly an group to become the original state-owned assets management company).

Founded in 2009, lanzhou herriott investment management group co., LTD.

In 2010-2012, lanzhou herriott investment management group co., LTD in suzhou to purchase 205 mu, investment successively set up three legal person company

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